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Are you going on a magical vacation to one of the most beautiful islands in the world?

Madeira is called the floating garden and the island of eternal spring.


One of the most beautiful souvenirs you can take with you from there is a professional photo session, made in the most wonderful places of the island.


We provide:

  • A professional photo session made by an artist from Madeira,

  • Video recordings and photos from the drone,

  • Materials fit for printing and social media,

  • Visiting the most beautiful places on the island,

The languages you can speak with us:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Polish


Choose a package and create the most beautiful holiday memories!


How to book a photo session? Write to us!

Questions? Contact us!
+48 601420411
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Price includes:

- a photo session in a selected place

- selection of 16 photos with editing in digital version

Bring home more than just a selfie!


Make a beautiful souvenir - pictures from the trip.


You can not only frame them, but also publish them on social media and show them to your loved ones.

price: 140 €

Price includes:

- a photo session in a 2 selected places

- selection of 30 photos with editing in digital version

- 4 drone video recordings

Honeymoon trip?

First vacation?



This is a great time to make yourself a gift and remember this moment for years!

*The offer does not apply to wedding ceremonies.

price: 235 €

Price includes:

- a photo session from a selected hike or trip

- selection of 20 photos with editing in digital version

- 2 drone video recordings

We will take you on a wonderful trip to the most beautiful places of Madeira.


Not only you'll get photos and videos, but also extraordinary experiences!

price: 180 €

Price includes:

- the presence of a photographer from 10:00 to 18:00 anywhere

- selection of 40 photos with editing in digital version

Instead of an ordinary photo session, take us with you wherever you want.


It will be an unforgettable day!

Day with a
price: 350 €

Price includes:

- a photo session in one of the unknown places of Madeira

- selection of 16 photos with editing in digital version

- 2 drone video recordings

Do you want to see more than others?


We will take you to places in Madeira that are not known among tourists.


These are real, hidden gems of Madeira.

Hidden gems
of Madeira
price: 195 €

Design your own photo session.


Let us know what idea you have, and what kind of photo you want us to create.

Do you wish to have a specific drone shots or photo session?


Do you have your own idea for travel materials?


Design your photo and drone session with us!

Your perfect
photo session
price to be agreed

Additional services:


  • Photographer and translator's own transport: 0-25 €, depending on the place.

  • Transportation to the place of the session: 10-40 €, depending on the place.

  • Selection of additional materials from the session: 5 €/1 photo, 10 €/1 video.


We can issue an invoice with 23% VAT in PLN or without VAT in EUR.





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