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Do you know the saying: "if you're not on social media, you don't exist"?

Well... in the context of promoting your art, it's hard to disagree.


Nowadays news, work, learning and entertainment are mainly experienced on the Internet. Even if entertainment is offline, you will still be looking for it, buying tickets, or checking reviews online.


Therefore, an extremely important element in promoting yourself as a creator is good social media performance Not only Facebook and Instagram, but also YouTube, LinkedIn and others.


However, nowadays, simply posting "every now and then" is not enough. You need to understand well not only the algorithms of these websites, but also know what to do to stop a "scrolling user" and to get his attention on what you want to show him.


Running social media means not only providing interesting content, but also contact with the users, quick response to comments and messages as well as advertising campaigns.


In Art Catcher, we will do it all for you!


We will create interesting content, graphics, videos and posts for you. We will not only publish them, but also moderate and reply to messages.


To grow your position on the market and in the awareness of the audience, we will create and conduct paid advertising campaigns in social media.


An absolute MUST-HAVE for every artist!

Fill in the form and we will create an individual offer for you!

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